Getting to know the patterns / study the principle of the patterns.

Research by using the book 'A Pattern Language' written by Christopher Alexander.


Pattern #033: Night life

Pattern #061: Small public squares

Night-establishments such as a movie theatre, a restaurant, and other services that are open at night, should be knit together, to create a center of night life. A well-lit, save, lively environment will increase the intensity of pedestrian activities at night.


A square feels deserted when the squaresize is bigger then 30m² per pedestrian. A square feels pleasant when the width of the square is max. 20m. Any wider sizes will feel unpleasant.



Pattern #051: Green streets

Pattern #062: High places

On local roads, closed to through traffic, plant grass over the road, and set occasional paving stones into the grass for the cars. Because the dominance of the grass, the neighbourhood will be more like a local road, and the inhabitants will experience environmental improvement.


Humans are instictively attracted to high places. They generate an overview over the surrounding area. But people are more satisfied when they worked for reaching the top. For people on the ground, high places can be seen, and used as a navigationpoint.

Pattern #073: Adventure playground

Pattern #172: Garden growing wild

Childeren are creating a view on the world. Learning. Passive, very clean playgrounds are not that valuable for the children's development. Instead of clean playground, provide a playground with raw materials, basic tools, etc, so they can create their own playground. They use their imagination.



Grow the plants wild. Let them maintain themselves. Set a natural stone border, and plant the plants in a way, that they don't need a gardener.