Data Research

In 'Data research', the observations, which you can count, are shown.

1 - Prefered routes:

Conclusion; most people walk from the Lijnbaan towards Eendrachtsplein. The hotspots are corner Lijnbaan, corner Kruisplein, corner Karel Doormanstraat, corner Mauritsstraat, and the entrance of the Pathé cinema. People look for the shortest route, so the way between these points, have to be pretty direct. By making (nearly) direct connections, the pedestrian flow will be more efficient.


2 - Time on square

Conclusion; most people use the square as a route towards their destination. Around 71% is present on the square for less then 5 minutes. To make it feel more alive, the stay-time should be longer. How longer people stay, the easier the square feels alive, according to pattern; Small public squares. Therefor; design the square in a way, that people stay longer.